Changing market published a new report “fishing the feed”

//Changing market published a new report “fishing the feed”

Changing market published a new report “fishing the feed”

Based on findings from undercover investigations in Vietnam, India and The Gambia, this report represents damming evidence that the production of fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) for use in the growing global aquaculture industry is destroying fish stocks, marine ecosystems and traditional livelihood as well as undermining the food security of vulnerable communities. Our findings reveal that demand for FMFO is feeling over fishing, exacerbating other pressures on wild fish stocks such as climate change, and that the species being taken for FMFO are usually food grade fish. Through in-depth supply chain research we trace the tainted supply of FMFO from fishery to farm to fork, implicating some of Europes biggest retailers, as well as the worlds largest aqua feed producers. With over 50% of the seafood we consume coming from aquaculture, a figure predicted to rise to 60% by 2030, the pressure on wild fish stocks to feed farmed species is growing. Against this backdrop, this report analysis the risks that irresponsible sourcing of feed raises for companies throughout aquaculture supply chains. It finds that the sector continues dependance on wild fish for use in aquafeed represents a systematic threat for companies, with FMFO and aqua feed producers being particularly vulnerable. Through their increasing reliance on farmed seafood feed using FMFO, other sectors- such as seafood processing and retail- are also exposed to these risks, which includes disruption of supply, rising costs of raw material, and repetitional damage.

More of the report can be found:

Petition to supermarkets

A petition created with SumOfUs, which will also be available soon, calls on major supermarkets to stop selling fish that destroy wild fish stocks and livelihoods in Africa and Asia – please sign and share with your contacts!

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