Nachhaltige Fischerei – Das Geschäft mit dem Fischsiegel MSC

2019-10-07T16:56:08+00:00September 11th, 2019|Categories: Allgemein|

Umweltbewusste Konsumenten greifen gerne zu Produkten mit Siegeln. Zum Beispiel zu Fisch, welcher das MSC-Label trägt. Doch es tauchen vermehrt Vorwürfe auf, das blaue Label garantiere nicht immer nachhaltigen und schonenden Fischfang. Sind die Standards zu lasch? Documentary about MSC [...]

Pew Applauds New Shark and Ray Trade Regulations

2019-09-10T12:32:35+00:00August 28th, 2019|Categories: Allgemein|

GENEVA—The Pew Charitable Trusts today commended the decision by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to regulate the trade in 18 species of sharks and rays whose populations are depleted.The decision means [...]

Objection for Atlantic menhaden certification shot down

2019-09-10T12:32:23+00:00July 31st, 2019|Categories: Allgemein|

An independent adjudicator has dismissed nearly all objections made against the certification of the Atlantic menhaden fishery by MSC. Omega Protein, the company seeking certification, in addition to Daybrook Fisheries, have begun filing for certification of the Gulf menhaden next. [...]

North Sea Cod

2019-08-15T17:25:21+00:00July 29th, 2019|Categories: Allgemein|

A new assessment has found North Sea cod to be at critically low levels and calls for catch to be reduced by two-thirds. MSC has stated that they will review these findings at the end of the month to determine [...]

WWF slams Mediterranean bluefin fisheries ecolabel

2019-08-05T10:23:38+00:00July 24th, 2019|Categories: Allgemein|

The NGO hinted at withdrawal from French ecolabel Peche durable amid concerns over dangerous levels of tuna stocks. The future of WWF’s participation in the French ecolabel Peche durable is in doubt following the decision to award the label to a [...]