WWF’s Position Paper for ICCAT Commission meeting highlights the urgent need for a requirement that all sharks are landed with fins naturally attached and a zero catch limit of mako sharks in the Atlantic.

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While other RFMOs have started adopting a FNA policy already ICCAT has failed to do so so far and MSC has neither been pushing for a FNA policy in their certified fisheries 1 2019 POSITION PAPER On the occasion [...]

WWF Germany criticizes MSC certification of the joint demersal North sea fisherman association as “Green Washing at Sea” in its recent press release.

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Der Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) hat einem Verbund aus deutschen, holländischen, dänischen, und schwedischen Fischern eine Zertifizierung fur Nachhaltigkeit erteilt. Und das trotz des Einspruchs der Naturschutzorganisation WWF. Diese kritisierte die Entscheidung in einer Stellungnahme als "Green Washing auf Hoher [...]

M&S Fisheries Advisor

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M&S fish buy says "The market choosing to buy or not buy fish from a specific fishery will not improve the state of that fishery". He goes on to note that real change to fisheries needs to come through fisheries [...]