M&S Fisheries Advisor

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M&S fish buy says "The market choosing to buy or not buy fish from a specific fishery will not improve the state of that fishery". He goes on to note that real change to fisheries needs to come through fisheries [...]

Vienna wants better guidance for its citizens when looking for sustainable fish products and will therefore create its own requirements on top of MSC certification…

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...(translation of original article) Vienna is looking for his fish. The city is developing a catalog of criteria to provide consumers with a guide to sustainable fish buying. Bernadette Krassay says: " The oceans are overfished, there is no secret [...]

B.C.’s Wild Salmon Fisheries Give Up MSC Certificatio

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Canada's wild salmon fisheries are voluntarily giving up their Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, the most popular "sustainable" label for seafood. An audit in 2018 found that the Canadian Pacific coast salmon fisheries were not on track to meet nine [...]